Maple Grove Catering

Maple Grove Catering Options From Frankie’s Pizza

With a plethora of organizations based throughout the Maple Grove area, Frankie’s Pizza spotted the need to provide an excellent catering service not yet being offered.  Frankie’s Pizza doesn’t just provide large orders of pizza in our catering service but rather has created a large menu selection around pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, desserts and more that would be suitable for any occasion. Maple Grove catering options are slim if you are looking for a wide variety to select from to accommodate all the different types of food people desire to eat. This very reason was the focus on how and why Frankie’s Pizza developed their catering menu to be bigger, better and of course more delicious.

Maple Grove Catering Service

Let’s talk about our menu and service. First, if you have never ordered through our catering service before you can find all the prices and details by stopping in to grab one of our Office and Party Menus or enjoy the convenience of our online menu.  If you have questions, our friendly and professional staff members are knowledgeable and are happy to assist you with any of your needs. All final catering orders will be reviewed and supervised by the owners to ensure excellence with level of service and quality of food.

“There are numerous things we pay attention to when we say excellent service and quality of food.” says owner, Jessi O’Dell.  Consistency is what every customer is looking for when it comes to these two topics. From the moment you start considering to order through us, we will assist you each and every step of the way. Once we have finalized your order, we take careful steps to ensure the following:

  1. Food is prepared right and made to perfection
  2. Packaging is sealed and easy for the customer to transport
  3. Everything you ordered is included, even the utensils,
  4. And of course, your order is ready at the scheduled time for pick up.


If a delivery option is needed to be arranged or any other special accommodations, we will cover that when finalizing the order and make sure we follow through on each piece.  Having this process and goal with each order that is placed, allows this to be excellent experience before you even start enjoying the wonderful food we prepare for you and your guests. If Maple Grove catering isn’t the location you are in but you are interested in the type of food and level of service we provide, we also cater to other locations such as Osseo, MN.

Pricing for Different Maple Grove Catering Options

For most individuals and organizations, being price conscious when deciding the right place to get your Maple Grove Catering service through is a factor.  While Frankie’s Pizza may not be the cheapest place to order from, we are the most affordable.  Meaning, with the process or experience we provide you accompanied with the portion size and delicious fresh high quality food, we are able to save you time and headaches as well as disappointments.   Planning an event can already be stressful in itself so avoiding road bumps will ultimately save you more time and money.  Here at Frankie’s Pizza believe our process will help you do just that and make all your event planning easier, more affordable and more importantly extremely YUMMY.

To learn more information about placing a catering order with Frankie’s Pizza, please Contact us today on our website, by phone or by email for further details. We look forward to working with you soon!