Frankie’s Pizza’s New Website!

Frankie’s Pizza Has Launched a New Website!

If you have been into Frankie’s lately you know we have a lot of changes going on here. From our building being under construction in order to expand the dining area to launching a new website  First thing you should know about our new website is it also comes with a mobile icon so if you are a frequent visitor please be sure to save our mobile icon to your smart phone screen for your convenience.

How to Save the Mobile Icon

Frankie's-M-IconGo to our website on your smartphone and click bookmark under the options.  Once you click bookmark our mobile icon should appear on your home screen.  When you click on the mobile icon from your home screen it will take you straight to homepage.

What You Will Find on the New Website

Frankie’s Pizza’s new website is mobile responsive. This means you will be able to enjoy easily navigating through menus and ordering online right on your cell phone.  We have provided pictures to accompany of all our dishes to help you make the hard decision on which item to order off our menu.