National Noodle Day

(October 6, 2014) –

Give it a twirl – Today is National Noodle Day!

We’re just crazy for the oodles of noodles to be slurped down all across the world. Whether you like to twist long ribbons around your fork, slip strips into soup, dish out bow-ties and spirals, or layer sheets with all kinds of savory delights, today is all about canoodling with noodles.

Noodles have been a comforting go-to meal for a long, long time. The earliest mention of the noodle is from Horace’s writings in the first century BC, while Chinese scholars claimed to have found the oldest noodles in the world at the ripe age of 4,000. The word itself comes from the German “nudel,” which is well, self-explanatory.

While noodles can be made from virtually any kind of dough – wheat, rice, potato, maize, nut, buckwheat – it’s all in how you like to slurp them down. Traditionally, you’ve got to boil them in water or broth to bring the texture back to life. From there, you can serve them drenched in sauce, chilled in a salad, stir-fried in oil or tossed in with your favorite casserole.

In the categorical blanket of all things pasta, one might guess the main difference between noodles and, say, macaroni is shape — but one would be mistaken to assume such. Although all pastas use a base of water and flour, noodles by definition must also contain eggs or egg yolks.

So how do you get your noodle on? Is Mom’s special casserole still your it’s-been-that-kind-of-day comfort or are you a pasta and marinara sauce purist? Does ramen straight-up still get you through? Let us know! And don’t worry, we won’t tell if you were the kid eating all of the dried noodles in art class.

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