Superbowl XLVIII With Frankies Pizza

Celebrate with Delicious Frankie’s Pizza Specials

Now, we know Payton Manning is part owner in Papa Johns pizza, But we want you to put those feelings aside so you don’t miss out on serving the best authentic Chicago Style Pizza around! We have put together specials no one can resist. Nothing screams awesome Superbowl party like pizza and wings.

  1. Frankies Pizza, Maple Grove, MNFootball Feast~ 16″ 2 topping, cheesy Bread, Buffalo Wings & 2 liter $26.95 (Add an additional order of Wings Only $6 Bucks)
  2. Pick-up Special~ 14″ 1 topping Pizza Only 9.99
  3. Super Wing Special~ 50 Wings Only $32 (w/choice of ranch or Blue Cheese) Super Bowl Sunday Only! Pre-orders Welcome!

Did you know Americans are predicted to Eat 1.25 Billion Chicken Wings for Super Bowl XLVIII?

That is roughly 3 chicken wings per American citizen!

Superbowl XLVIII

Frankies Pizza Delivery Maple Grove MNIt’s the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks going head to head for Superbowl XLVIII. Playing at the MetLife stadium in East Rutherford, NJ where the predicted temperature is to be as low as 37 degrees. Meaning, this could be the coldest temperature for a Superbowl held outdoors in history. The last time each of these team played in a Superbowl was back in 2006 for the Seahawks and in 1998 for the Broncos. According to the Bleacher Report, here are predictions from numerous well known and respected NFL writers (ESPN’s aren’t published yet):

  • Erik Frenz: AFC East Lead NFL Writer (Twitter) – Broncos 31-27
  • Michael Schottey: National Lead NFL Writer (Twitter) —Broncos 28-27
  • Matt Bowen: National Lead NFL Writer (Twitter) —Broncos 23-20
  • Mike Freeman: National Lead NFL Writer (Twitter) —Broncos 24-20
  • Ty Schalter: National Lead NFL Writer (Twitter) —Seahawks 27-24
  •  Matt Miller: National Lead NFL Draft Writer (Twitter) —Seahawks 21-20


Frankie’s Pizza game prediction: 24 to 21 – Broncos


The commercials seem to be one of the best parts of watching the Superbowl year after year. Whether you love the comedic commercials or the ones that pull at your heart, be sure to let us know what ad was your favorite! Want to get a speak peak? Check out Sundays ad lineup at

Opportunity to Host the Superbowl

Getting the opportunity to host a Superbowl is very exciting and something every city with a stadium desires. It is one of the main reasons cities choose to build new stadiums. Revenue generated from a Superbowl that specifically effects the local city and state economy can range anywhere from $35 million up to the hundreds of millions.  These numbers have a large gap yet still guarantees extra income that any state could use and would appreciate. According to the Star Tribune, Dayton is pushing to host the Superbowl in Minneapolis come 2018. In this article, it states there is speculation that a Superbowl help in Minneapolis could produce nearly half a billion dollars for the area. How exciting would that be for us!

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Buffalo Chicken Pizza & Buffalo chicken Sandwich “YUM”

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Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Frankies Pizza, Maple Grove, MN