Thanksgiving With Frankies Pizza

Thanksgiving History

Frankies Pizza, Minneapolis MN wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!Every year when this time of year rolls around, people gather to share in new memories and eat delicious food. While everyone has their own definition of what Thanksgiving is about, here at Frankie’s Pizza we like to make it about our loved ones, the customers we appreciate and truly being thankful for the many blessings that have taken place at Frankie’s and in our lives. The tradition of Thanksgiving dates all the way back to 1621, when the Plymouth Colonists and Wampanoag Indians came together for a feast and united the colonies. This became a yearly tradition and as the word started spreading, individual colonies and states across the nation started joining in the festivities.  In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Why Thanksgiving and not some other word? Well the simple version of the story is the pilgrims were able to successfully harvest their first crop of corn after a long rough winter.  To celebrate of their thankfulness of the success, they prepared what is known today as the magical Thanksgiving feast!


Pre- Thanksgiving dinner w/ Frankie’s!  2~ 14″ 2 topping thin crust pizza’s for $22 or
Dine in and receive 2 FREE beers or glasses of Wine with any 16″ or 14″ Pizza. Both Wednesday Only!
Wishing everyone a blessed & safe Thanksgiving day!

*Frankie’s will be closed Thanksgiving day to celebrate with our families!

Black Friday Eats and Holiday Treats

Stop in on Black Friday. See our amazing Black Friday special below and while you are in to eat, grab some of our Holiday Stocking Stuffer Specials! A Frankies Pizza gift card is the perfect gift for a teacher, mail carrier, college student or boss! $10 FREE Gift Card with $50 in gift cards in any denomination!


Black Friday Only!  Need a shopping Break? Stop by for $1 Pizza by the Slice! (Limit 2 per person) Also, don’t miss out on dessert samples.