We’re Thirty!

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We are very honored to announce that we are celebrating our 30th Anniversary! Since we opened for business in 1988, a lot has changed here at Frankie’s but what hasn’t changed is that Frankie’s Chicago Style Pizza has been a Maple Grove go-to for only the best Chicago Style food for years.


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Frankie’s Maple Grove had its biggest celebration ever in 2013 when owners, Tom & Jessica O’Dell decided it was time for a change. Frankie’s Dining Room had been born. We’ve expanded from 16 seats to 42 and also added our famous Pizza by the Slice bar, Beer & Wine and Our Patio to provide our Patrons with the best possible dining experience.


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Next to many accomplishments in our Restaurant history, stands our customers. We’ve made it to 30 not only because of our amazing Chicago Style food but because of all of our loyal customers enjoying it. Thank you to the beautiful City of Maple Grove for your ongoing Patronage and support in giving us a chance to celebrate our 30th Anniversary.



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Thank you Maple Grove!