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Specials & Coupon Codes

DAILY SPECIALS   MONDAY: 14” 2-Topping Pizza $13.99 Code: monday   TUESDAY: 16” Gourmet Pizzas $21.99 Code: tuesday   WEDNESDAY: 14” Thin or Pan Pizza 2-Topping Code: wednesday1 for thin crust. Code: wednesday2 for pan pizza. & Cheese Bread $22.99 THURSDAY: 16” 2-Topping Pizza $18.99 Code: thursday FRIDAY: Homemade Lasagna $10.99 Code: friday SATURDAY: Baked Penne Rigatoni $10.99 Code: saturday SUNDAY: […]


Frankie’s Gourmet Frozen!

Following in the footsteps of our successful family owned & operated pizzeria in Maple Grove, MN, Frankie’s saw the need to change the perception of the quality of frozen pizza. Frankie’s Gourmet Style Frozen Pizzas are made with the same mission that began with our 35-year-old tried and true recipes and has built the Frankie’s name a […]

Stuffed Pizza

Our Stuffed Pizza is prepared by lining the dough in a pizza pan. We then stuff the dough with all your favorite toppings and load it up with fresh Mozzarella cheese, cover with an extra thin layer of dough & finally topped with Frankie’s special homemade tomato sauce. Pizza at its BEST!  (Please allow 35 […]

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